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The process of creating a film is so much more than the sum of all its parts.

It is comprised of finding beauty in every moment and choosing just the right angle of rich images to express the emotion of that very moment, the focus in the details strategically placed in the corresponding artistic composition, and in the planned & carefully calculated, dynamic, spontaneous and even natural movements that never interfere with the veracity of the moment.

It is comprised of technical choices and the ability to utilize equipment of the most up- to- date standards, that will give value to the natural light, be it day or night, and to the natural sound, capturing it to the utmost precision; a technical ability that allows the professional to utilize the equipment like a creative mixture of a juggling, magic and balancing act, allowing him to beautify each moment in the highest definition possible.

It is comprised of editing that utilizes the latest programs and computers, that finds rhythm, sequence & strength in every selection of music, that creates the perfect partnership between sound and image, as well as between natural sound and music, and that finds just the right images to represent the experience, coming together to form a final product of ideal duration to make it pleasurable to watch innumerous times.

It is comprised of presentation of the final product in material of high quality, detailed with care and refined taste and personalized to each and every client.

The sum of all these parts results in a high quality product. But the essence of the film goes beyond the quality and resounds in the artistic voice. That which differentiates a “filmmaker” from a videographer, rests in the ability to understand this essence, the story and the personalities of the protagonists of the moment or event, and then express it in a unique and personalized manner. It is that extra something that one cannot describe, and cannot really find in a precise moment or place in the film, and yet it moves us, it captures our attention, and it causes us to somehow connect to the screen. It is when the work, the finished product, can no longer be defined as a video, but rather a work of art.

IgalMR Films is committed to process, therefore getting to know each client and their individuality, creating unique works of art, that are truly representative of their event and/or moment in life. For this reason, they are comprised of an exclusive group of artists and accept a limited number of events per year.

Igal Mizrahi

Igal Mizrahi

A picture eternalizes a MOMENT a film allows you the privilege of reliving that moment FOREVER